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Baltic Amber Royal
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Baltic Amber Royal

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Amber: Fossilized resin of fir trees. Soft in texture and relatively light compared with semiprecious stones. Inside a genuine amber grain and soil found, leaves and insect fossils. It has orange, light yellow, honney, light brown, brown coniac color when the extraction is from Baltic, green colour from Latin America and blue colour from St. Dominic. To be created, a natural amber needs from 10 to 90 million years under appropriate temperatures and pressures buried deep in the Earth. Thales of Miletus discovered the capacity of amber to get electric charged and that is who amber took its name by electricity, “electon” in greek language. Arabs burned it as incense when praying to Allah.  Well-known is the "Amber Room" of Frederick II of Prussia (1713) where they used amber to make the intire room, that's why we call this kind of amber “royal”. The use of amber brings optimism, insidw strength. joy, well-being, good mood and gives courage. Promotes creative and positive thinking. Enhances perception and concentration. Attracts love, sweetness, calm, serenity and balance. It attracts wealth and fortune. Symbol of health, longevity, vitality and prolonged youth. Used as a talisman as it eliminates the negative energy from the body and purifies the spirit and heart. Protects against magic and the evil eye. Taking away sorrow and suicidal tendencies. Protect family and supports students during exams. Relieves rheumatism, arthritis, earaches, dizziness, toothache and facial herpes. Particularly beneficial to the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bile, the bladder, the liver and stimulates the immune and digestive system. The ancient Greeks used powdered amber, mixed with oil or water, to treat many diseases. They used as a sedative, also to strengthen memory and to treat ailments of the eyes, ears and lungs. To babies heps teething by soothing the pain.

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