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Chaolitis Turquoise dark colour
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Chaolitis Turquoise dark colour

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Chaolitis Turquoise: Semiorecious stone with blue and  greenblue colour. It is considered as a highly healing stone in spirit and body. For thousands of years it is used as a talisman and lucky charm. Stimulates the meditation and intuition releasing from suspensions and bans, leaving the soul to be expressed. Dispels negative energy and clears the aura from negative influences. Protects against electromagnetic radiation. Balances the body with the spirit, gives strength and courage in times of intense physical and mental activity. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action that relieves pain and infections, strengthens the eyesight, it is beneficial for rheumatism and stomach pains.  The ancient peoples of Europe, Asia and America considered it as a precious and magical stone because they believed it came from the union of Land and Sky. In ancient Greece it is referred as «Kallaitis» which means "great stone".

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