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Obsidian of Armenia
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Obsidian of Armenia

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Obsidian of Armenia: Semiprecious stone in brown, black, gray colour with silver and black flashes. It is volcanic lava that has been cooled down so quickly that it could not create crystals. It is considered as a rock without limits and restrictions. Highly protective stone with strong qualities. Nothing can be hidden from the Obsidian who exposes flaws, weaknesses and blockages in order to lead us in our healing. Leads to self-knowledge offering support and empowerment. Relieves arthritis pains, helps digestive function, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the thought and brain function of relieving blockages and dead-ends.  It is believed that its name comes from the Greek word "opsis" because the glossy surface can reflect images. References have been found for the Obsidian from 9.000 years ago. Ancient civilizations, American Indians, Aztecs and Mayans, used it as amulet. It was used to construct sharp tools during the Paleolithic and Neolithic times.

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