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Crystal quartz
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Crystal quartz

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Crystal quartz: Semipprecious stone with either transparent clear appearance or with cloudy shadows in the mass of the stone. It is considered as the stone of patience and health. It acts against sadness, removes nightmares and fears, offering tranquility, harmony, tolerance, spontaneity and positive thoughts. It is used to clear the energy of any environment, water, body, aura and thoughts.

Enhances the action of other rocks by adopting their qualities. It helps in meditation, stimulates intuition, divinatory and psychic abilities. It offers tranquility and eliminates self-destructive and violent tendencies. Soothes the lightheadedness, relieves migraines, stops bleeding and intestinal problems.

It also acts as a radiation shield.

Revitalizes the body and gives courage, strength, vitality, renewal, well-being, good mood, positive energy, longevity and protection. It helps every new beginning and brings wealth and abundance.

It took its name from the Greek word "chalaza" which means hail, since many people in ancient times considered him to be a kind of ice. Well known from antiquity, the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and Japanese used it in tombs, for decoration, for purification or as a precious treasure. In the middle ages the missuderstood it with the diamond, while the 18th century it began to be used in Europe as a medicine to many deseases. The 20th century began its appearance in  science applications inside computers and microchip and  inside medical devices.

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