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Goldstone brown
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Goldstone brown

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Goldstone or Peridot: Semiprecious stone with dark blue and brown color with sparkles inside. It is considered as the strongest shield for the aura. Detoxifies the body and mind, cleanses the body's energy from emotional and psychological negative charge. Enhances positive feelings by acting as an antidepressant. Helps in new beginnings teaching that the past gives us lessons on how we move on in life and we should not get hooked on it. Enhances intellectual work. Relieves stress, anger and jealousy. It helps us to admit mistakes we have made, to forgive ourselves and to get closer to success in personal and professional level. Protects marriage and love. Enhances career, wealth and power. Gives strength and self-confidence. Stimulates and heals the skin tissue, and activates the metabolism. It helps the heart, lungs, bowels and eyes. He is known for thousands of years, used in religious, devotional rituals as they believed the stone connected them with the Divine.

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