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Jasper natural brown
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Jasper natural brown

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Jasper: semiprecious stone with reddish-brown and yellow-beige colour. It is the the stone of internal spiritual support. Enhances the function of the stomach, liver, kidney and thyroid gland. Acts as an analgesic, it stimulates the immune system and calms the nervous system. Gives health and protects against insecurity and negative energy.  It was very famous stone in antiquity and it was given powerful forces. In Egypt it was worn as an amulet. It was considered as the father of stones. Rings from Jasper were found in Erkolano and Pompeii under the ashes of Vesuvius that destroyed two cities. It is refered to both Old and New Testament. We also have references for its use from the Middle East to Peru. The Indians of North America even today use the Jasper to cause rain.

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